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We bake cinnamon rolls in our bakery on Fridays. They smell delicious and even our gluten indulgent friends say they taste delicious!

What’s in this Newsletter

Meet Mike Baggetta! Mike is a professional guitarist with a severe gluten allergy. With no shortage of gluten free options in NYC, Mikes lists BYL as one of his top three gluten free bakeries in the nation! We are honored! In the interview below, Mike shares his gluten free story and how he found Benefit Your Life.
What’s your health story? Are you celiac?
I am not celiac, but I did find out several years ago that my digestive system had been compromised to the point that most “difficult-to-digest” foods cause a lot of problems for me. In my case dairy, cruciferous vegetables and beans are the things I have to pick my battles with. Gluten is absolutely out though, as it does give me strong celiac symptoms.
Starting around 2005-2006 I started noticing some vague and consistent stomach problems, and then, over the next few years, they really transformed into a slew of general body problems. Around 2011 I was feeling like I was going to have a nervous breakdown because no one could really figure out what was wrong with me, and I was missing a lot of work because of this. I told a friend of mine my symptoms, who is celiac, and he said it sounds a lot like what he went through prior to being diagnosed. So I figured, what did I have to lose, and tried a gluten free diet. Within a week I felt like I was 18 again!
How did you find BYL?
I have lived in Brooklyn, NY for the past 15 years and am always on a quest for great GF food experiences. I have found the app “Find Me Gluten Free” to be a very good resource to this end. So when I go somewhere else in the states I absolutely look ahead using that app and see if it’s possible to try some of the places that have high ratings. I am very happy I got myself over to BYL as it is, no joke, one of the best GF bakeries I’ve been to anywhere. You all [BYL] have an excellent selection of staple goods, and the things you bake are just so incredibly delicious. My favorites include all of the scones and the almond butter slices! 
I should state that none of this would have been possible if my amazing girlfriend, Rebecca, wasn’t a Knoxville resident! In truth, I’m pretty taken with the whole little city...
Being a professional musician, I assume you travel a lot. Any tips for eating gluten free on the road?
True! And this was one of the main things that worried me most when I first realized I had to make a significant dietary change. It really meant a lifestyle change in a lot of ways. No more grabbing meals when I’m out and busy, for the most part, without some preplanning. So either making food to take with me or planning my route around known safe food locations has become a big part of my life now. It has really made me a healthier eater in the long run anyways, so in a way I’m very thankful for that. 
As far as traveling goes, when eating out I use an app like mentioned above, but I still am very vocal about my needs when I order. I would rather be safe than sorry, especially if I am on the road working. I would say definitely don’t be shy about vocalizing your dietary needs to your server when eating out, and make sure that they understand them. If they don’t, that’s a great opportunity to educate them about your needs as well, which may make it easier for the next person! 
I have also found that filling half my suitcase or so with staple products to add other readily available foods has been a good tactic. For instance I can bring a loaf of GF bread and then buy vegetables and meats anywhere to make sandwiches. I can bring ziploc bags of GF oats and add fruit, nuts and spices to it anywhere and then just add hot water at the hotel for breakfast, etc.
How can our readers connect with you?
Please check out my website at for a bunch of performance videos and music clips! There are also links to some of my interviews, upcoming performances and album information there as well. And please sign up for my email list there, especially to keep up with when I perform around Knoxville! I’m also on Facebook at - and I post demos and other bits of unreleased music for free on my Soundcloud page at - Thank you!
Mike has a weekend of shows coming up in Knoxville the last weekend of January - Mike featured with the Mark Boling Trio, which includes some of the Jazz Studies professors from UT. He plays Friday, January 29th at the Red Piano Lounge in Bearden at 9pm and Saturday, January 30th at 9pm at the Bistro at the Bijou Theatre downtown on Gay St.
This newsletter section was created in hopes of helping others on their health journey. If you are interested in sharing your gluten free story, please contact us.
As a disclaimer, no member of the BYL team is a doctor, nutritionist, health coach, or other health care provider.  None of the information we provide is meant to diagnose or treat any illness, health issue or health related concern. We just want to share information in hopes it might point you in the right direction to start a discussion with your health care provider.
People of BYL

Eggs - We are pleased to offer our customers local farm eggs. West Wind Farms eggs are large/extra-large, soy-free, from free-ranged/cage-free hens, non-GMO, pesticide/chemical-free, arsenic-free and non-irradiated. Shipment was canceled last week due to inclement weather. Come by and check our market fridge after Wednesday, January 27.
Sami’s Bakery closeout - We are closing out Sami’s Bakery products. Please ask in the bakery for these items while supplies last. We still have Sourdough Bagels, Millet & Flax Bagels, Cinnamon Raisin Bagels, Millet & Flax Bread Loaves and Millet & Flax plain chips.
50% OFF sale - Check out our display near the checkout for 50% off closeout items. Now is a great chance to pick out special products, mixes or flours to add to your gluten free pantry.
Feature Story
This section of the newsletter is provided to share information about the latest gluten free research and products, health related topics, sustainable/green living, natural living, etc.
Study Suggests Gut Protein Linked to Gluten Intolerance
By: Kelly Barger
Is a gluten free diet a fad for those who do not have celiac disease but label themselves as gluten sensitive or gluten intolerant? As someone who has greatly benefited from a gluten free diet, I don’t think so, and recent research findings don’t point toward fad either. Researchers may be getting closer to identifying markers for gluten sensitivity. One Italian research study by Giovanni Barbara and his team suggests that non-celiacs may have high levels of zonulin, an inflammatory protein, which is linked to inflammation. Research has already shown zonulin levels to be high in individuals with celiac disease.
Gastroenterologist Alessia Fasano at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston was not involved with the study but says about six percent of people may be gluten sensitive. Symptoms can include digestive upset, neurological symptoms, fatigue, joint or muscle pain. Zonulin levels can prevent leaky gut by closing the junctions between the cells in the digestive tract lining. Zonulin also controls the other direction as “bad” bacteria trigger zonulin to protect the body and open the junctions in the gut lining to flush out the “bad stuff” (e.g., salmonella). The research has shown gluten to be a major trigger of zonulin in some people. Fasano says, “No human being completely digests gluten,” and gluten can trigger the release of zonulin. In these individuals, zonulin levels are high.
In the research study at the University of Bologna in Italy, the zonulin levels of four groups were measured - celiacs, individuals with IBS marked by diarrhea, individuals with gluten sensitivity, and a healthy control group. The celiacs and self-diagnosed gluten sensitive individuals tested with the highest zonulin levels, notably higher than the group with IBS or healthy volunteers.
While more research is required to validate the study, Barbara is hopeful one day biomarkers can be used to identify a gluten sensitivity. Fasano says the significance of zonulin is also important in the study of other illnesses including Type 1 diabetes and autoimmune diseases.
Reference: “A Protein in the Gut May Explain Why Some Can’t Stomach Gluten”, Jill Neimark, December 9, 2015,
What’s New in the Market

We are adding a section to the newsletter to share our favorite gluten free recipes we have tested and approved in our own kitchens. Have a favorite gluten free recipe to share? Contact us to have your recipe featured in our newsletter.
Easy Paleo Blueberry Pancakes
Developed by: Kelly Barger
I’ve tried more than a few gluten free pancake recipes. Results haven’t been great, and gluten free pancakes are very finicky. They just do not cook like their glutenous counterparts. I love using almond flour in my baked goods, but almond flour is expensive, and sometimes I like to prepare nut free recipes. I’ve also tried plantain pancakes. They are edible, but green plantains are hard to find at my supermarket. My plantain pancakes have not turned out very fluffy, and let’s just be honest, no one likes a thin flat pancake  - that’s a crepe!
I’ve been working on a nut free, easy paleo blueberry pancake recipe. Click here for the full recipe.

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