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Special Visit by Dr. Axe team member
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Special Event: Book Swap
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Featured bakery product - Focaccia Bread
New in the market: Farm eggs, Sami’s closeout and 50% off sale
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Feature story: How to Be Green(er) in 2016

Recipe: One Pot Chicken Soup

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Special Visit
The bakery got a visit from a Dr. Josh Axe team member last Saturday! Kelly completed the Institute of Nutritional Leadership (INL) program last year, which helped to start the ball rolling toward a health related business, and now she can help educate people in the bakery! We have so many exciting things planned for 2016!
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Please go like, follow and review BYL on social media! We have a Facebook goal to reach 5,000 likes. We need YOUR help! We’ll have a big giveaway when we reach our goal!
Special Event - Book Swap
Love a good book? BYL will be hosting a book swap on Tuesdays and Wednesdays the next two weeks (Jan. 26 & 27 and Feb. 2 & 3). If you have a few books you would like to donate, please drop them off at the bakery. We’ll set up a table on those days to browse. You can grab a book(s) and/or leave a book(s). After February 3, all books will be donated to a local library or charity. We hope to have several book swaps this year if this first one goes well!
Outside the Breadbox
Your favorite Outside the Breadbox Vegan Oat Bread is back in stock in our freezer, and we are on the normal Friday delivery schedule. If you would like to pick up fresh bread, check with the bakery on Friday after 2:00pm.
What’s New in the Bakery
We bake a delicious focaccia bread in our bakery on Thursdays. Come by for a fresh baked loaf on Thursday, or check for frozen focaccia bread in our market freezer. (Gluten free, dairy free, grain free, corn free and soy free)


West Wind Farm Eggs - We are pleased to offer our customers local farm eggs. These eggs are large/extra-large, soy-free, from free-ranged/cage-free hens, non-GMO, pesticide/chemical-free, arsenic-free and non-irradiated. Come by and check our market fridge after Wednesday.
Sami’s Bakery closeout - We are closing out Sami’s Bakery products. Please ask in the bakery for these items while supplies last. We still have Sourdough Bagels, Millet & Flax Bagels, Cinnamon Raisin Bagels, Millet & Flax Bread Loaves and Millet & Flax plain chips.
50% OFF sale - Check out our display near the checkout for 50% off closeout items. Now is a great chance to pick out special products, mixes or flours to add to your gluten free pantry.
What’s New in the Market

Meet Nicole! Nicole is a certified holistic health coach and author. She started out as a sickly kid and young adult, but Nicole has turned her health around and devoted her career to helping others do the same. In the interview below, Nicole describes her path to better health and how changing the food she eats has helped.

What’s your health story? Are you celiac?
I had always suffered from severe constipation as a child into my 20's. My doctor prescribed a laxative but never asked me about my diet. At that age I did not realize that the foods I was eating were making me feel ill. I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by my 20's and felt terrible all time. I had gained weight and looked very bloated, even though I was a Personal Trainer and exercised a lot. Finally I started investigating for myself what was going on with my health. One holistic health practitioner in particular suggested that I had food allergies and said I should take gluten out of my diet. I did and immediately started to feel better and lose weight. I still had some work to do, figuring out my other food sensitivities in order to fully regain my health, but that was the first most important step for me. I do not have celiac.

How did you find BYL?
I found BYL when I moved here 6 years ago. I have been a big supporter of BYL since I happened upon it, and I recommend it to all my clients, friends and colleagues.

You have devoted your career to helping others get healthy. What are some of the things you recommend?
Here are three of the most important things one can do for their health:

Start to upgrade your diet by eating more vegetables, especially leafy greens. (Vegetable juicing helps with that). In my experience, people vastly overestimate the amount of vegetables they eat.

Cut down on refined sugars. Americans have increased their daily sugar intake from 12 pounds a year in the 1800's, to 155 pounds a year now. Yikes! Sugar immediately lowers our immune system upon ingesting it, frays the nervous system and can cause hyperactivity, mood swings, anxiety and blood sugar imbalances.

Experiment with taking gluten out of your diet. Give it at least 2 months and see if you notice any changes in the way you feel. Many of the people who have taken gluten out of their diet will attest that they feel much better and experience improvement in their health. For fascinating reading about the effects of gluten on health, read Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD.

And finally. Seek the help of an expert who can give you guidance, support and motivation. Changing life-long eating habits can be very challenging. Working with a health coach can help you break through old sabotaging patterns and build new, healthier habits that you can sustain for a lifetime.

How can our readers connect with you?
Phone: (865) 548-8208

This newsletter section was created in hopes of helping others on their health journey. If you are interested in sharing your gluten free story, please
contact us.

As a disclaimer, no member of the BYL team is a doctor, nutritionist, health coach, or other health care provider. None of the information we provide is meant to diagnose or treat any illness, health issue or health related concern. We just want to share information in hopes it might point you in the right direction to start a discussion with your health care provider.

People of BYL

This section of the newsletter is provided to share information about the latest gluten free research and products, health related topics, sustainable/green living, natural living, etc.
How to Be Green(er) in 2016
By: Katy Powell
    The start of each new year often brings about a particular type of urge and a sense of urgency, doesn't it? We need to start doing things differently; we need to make big changes; we need to begin again with a freshness and boldness that was lost in the hectic holiday season; and we need to do all of these things right now. The truth is, we can make changes and live boldly any time of the year, and we can remind ourselves to do so as many times as we need to, but we're all here in January together, so let's just stick with that. Read More…
We are adding a section to the newsletter to share our favorite gluten free recipes we have tested and approved in our own kitchens. Have a favorite gluten free recipe to share? Contact us to have your recipe featured in our newsletter.
I’m sharing a one pot, quick and easy chicken soup. It’s so versatile you can add almost any type of veggie. This soup provides a quick nourishing meal prepared with pantry staples (for those evenings you don’t have a plan or for a quick lunch). This soup would be great paired with BYL’s focaccia bread and a good book from our book swap. Happy
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