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Valentine’s Day, BYL Buttermilk Biscuits and February Special Events

Valentine’s Day
Facebook goal and giveaway - almost there!
Special Event: We have four special events in February!
Outside the Breadbox update
Featured bakery product: BYL Buttermilk Biscuits
New in the Market: Farm Eggs (including duck eggs), Sami’s Closeout and 75% off sale
People of BYL: Emily Kopek, PA-C
Feature story: How Community and Social Support Play a Role in Survival
Recipe: Stayed tuned for some BYL biscuit recipes coming soon
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We have lots of special treats for Valentine’s Day this week. Stop by the bakery for a special Valentine treat to enjoy yourself or to share with someone special. We even have a few beautiful ready-made cakes in our freezer while supplies last.
Valentine’s Day
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We love our social media followers and customers so we want to have a fun giveaway soon. Please go like, follow and review BYL on social media! We have a Facebook goal to reach 3,000 likes. We need YOUR help! We’ll have a big giveaway when we reach our goal!
Special Event - Juice Bar with Nicole Fey on Friday, February 19, 11:00am - 1:00pm
Nicole Fey is joining us to provide a juice bar during lunch at the bakery.  Come by and watch a juicing demonstration and enjoy a made-to-order fresh, organic juice. Nicole’s recent talk at the bakery was really informative, and the juice drink was delicious! This is your chance to try a juice and meet Nicole if you missed the class. Nicole will also be available to answer questions and sign her new book!

Special Event - Detox with Emily Kopek, PA-C on Monday, February 23, 12:00 - 1:15pm
Emily Kopek, PA-C is joining us to discuss how to live a lifestyle of detoxification the whole year round and the role nutrition, gut health and environmental toxins play in detox. Call the bakery from more details about the class. You can read more about Emily in the People of BYL feature in this week’s newsletter.

Special Event - Gluten 101 - Ins & Outs of Going Gluten-Free at CTS Physical Therapy, Tuesday, February 23, 5:30 - 7:00pm
CTS Physical Therapy is hosting a free lecture by Piotr Ulmer, MSPT, Certified Gluten Practitioner. The event will include research about how a gluten-free diet can help your mind and body, how to change to a gluten-free lifestyle, and how to make simple and less expensive recipes. Benefit Your Life is really excited to be a sponsor for this event!
Special Event - Pizza Day with Julie Morrison on Saturday, February 27, 12:00 - 2:00pm
Do you miss pizza since going gluten free? Julie Morrison is joining us to feature her yummy gluten and grain free pizza crust from her Survive & Thrive Gluten Free Cookbook. We’ll have crusts ready in the bakery so you can come by and pick your toppings. We’ll bake an individual size pizza for you to enjoy. Julie will also be available to answer questions and sign her cookbook!
Outside the Breadbox
Outside the Breadbox is the BEST gluten free sandwich bread we have tried. Our customers love it! The Outside the Breadbox Vegan Oat Bread got delayed last week due to snow in Colorado and could not ship out. We hope to be back on normal Friday delivery schedule this week to receive our fresh bread. We’ve placed a big order to get you stocked back up. If you would like to pick up fresh bread, check with the bakery on Friday after 2:00pm.
What’s New in the Bakery
We think we bake the best gluten free buttermilk biscuits around! On Saturdays, you can get biscuits fresh baked—plain or piled high as a breakfast sandwich, or you can find frozen BYL biscuits in our freezer any day of the week to bake at home.
What’s New in the Market
Circle V Farm Duck Eggs - For a limited time, we are pleased to offer our customers local farm duck eggs for purchase. Have you tried duck eggs? Duck eggs are very rich for baking. Come by and check our market cooler after Wednesday afternoon.
West Wind Farm Eggs - We are pleased to offer our customers local farm chicken eggs for purchase. These eggs are large/extra-large, soy-free, from free-ranged/cage-free hens, non-GMO, pesticide/chemical-free, arsenic-free and non-irradiated. Come by and check our market cooler.
Sami’s Bakery closeout - We are closing out Sami’s Bakery products. Please ask in the bakery for these items while supplies last. We still have Millet & Flax Bagels, Sourdough Bagels, and Millet & Flax plain chips.
75% OFF sale - We’ve marked our sale items down a bit more. This sale will last only a few more weeks. Check out our display near the checkout for 75% off closeout items. Now is a great chance to pick out any special products, mixes or flours to add to your gluten free pantry. All sale items will be closed out soon so get them while supplies last.
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Meet Emily Kopek! Emily is a physician assistant specializing in functional medicine. She began her career in family medicine; however, Emily saw significant health improvements with her autoimmune condition and in the health of her patients when a more holistic treatment approach was used. In the interview below, Emily describes her path to better health and how she has used her experience to help her patients.
What’s your health story? Are you celiac?
At the age of 13, I lost a lot of weight, had terrible brain fog, starting losing hair, and was extremely lethargic. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, an autoimmune thyroid condition. I immediately felt better on thyroid medication and continued to eat what I thought was a healthy diet. However over time my old symptoms started creeping back up, and I struggled for years changing around medication but knowing something had to be missing. I decided to pursue a medical career due to my own personal story by becoming a Physician Assistant. It wasn’t until after I was out of school practicing for a year before I was introduced to Functional Medicine and learned the importance of having a healthy gut, as this is where 75% of our immune system lies. I learned that there is much more than prescription medications that can be used to help with autoimmune disease. I also learned of the link between gluten sensitivity and Hashimoto's and although I do not have celiac disease, I think it is very important for anyone with Hashimoto's to eliminate gluten from their diet. So I went gluten free and worked on my gut health and haven’t looked back since! Now I focus on sharing my passion by helping others through my job as a functional medicine Physician Assistant.  Nutrition is my passion and I love teaching people about the healing power of foods.
My favorite quote is: “Let food be thy medicine” Hippocrates
How did you find BYL?
I actually found out about Benefit Your Life Bakery online, early in my gluten free journey. I was so glad to find a local place that everything in the store was gluten free and tasted so good (trust me there are plenty of bad gluten free products out there). It is awesome to have a great local place to send my patients, friends, and family to get great food no matter what their food sensitivities are. 
You use a functional approach to medicine with your patients. How is this different than conventional medicine?
As I mentioned previously, a large component of functional medicine is restoring gut health. The human microbiome is so vast and such a large part of our immune system lies in our gut! Also, functional medicine addresses the whole person, versus separate body systems. For instance, if you have a certain symptom, conventional medicine will put you on a medication for that symptom where our goal in functional medicine is to find out why you have that symptom in the first place. It is patient centered and the patient is very involved in treatment. I am always so impressed with how hard my patients work to feel better. It really is about empowering individuals to make a difference in their own health!
If you could recommend the top three diet and/or lifestyle habits to address when treating an autoimmune condition, what would they be? 
It is so hard to think of just 3! 
People of BYL
Avoid inflammatory foods, especially gluten. Other inflammatory foods can be discovered through an elimination diet while working closely with a health practitioner. 
  • Detoxify: We are exposed to thousands of toxins every day that we can’t avoid. However, we can take steps to limit exposure by filtering our water, air, using non-toxic cleaners, watching the cosmetics we use, ditching the plastics, etc. This can make a large difference for those with autoimmune disorders. 
  • Exercise and mindful meditation are extremely important stress relief options. Just taking deep belly breathes and fully expanding the diaphragm can be helpful by stimulating the vagus nerve, which helps with the gut-brain connection
    How can our readers connect with you?
    You can contact my office, Knox Wellness at (865)801-9501 or via email at
    Please feel free to check out our website:
    Follow me on twitter:
    This newsletter section was created in hopes of helping others on their health journey. If you are interested in sharing your gluten free story, please contact us.
    As a disclaimer, no member of the BYL team is a doctor, nutritionist, health coach, or other health care provider.  None of the information we provide is meant to diagnose or treat any illness, health issue or health related concern. We just want to share information in hopes it might point you in the right direction to start a discussion with your health care provider.

    This section of the newsletter is provided to share information about the latest gluten free research and products, health related topics, sustainable/green living, natural living, etc.
    How Community and Social Support Play a Role in Survival
    By: Kelly Barger
    This is our bakery mission:
    Change lives! We shall try our very best every day to change lives for the better through greeting with a smile, offering help and advice, offering encouragement, supporting our local community and helping people to eat delicious, high quality food and to create a more simple natural life.
    To hold true to this mission, we have made it a priority to host professionals and people from our community to share their knowledge and skills in the fields of gluten free baking, nutrition, health and wellness, clean living, natural living, etc. These special events at the bakery are a great outlet to provide connection with like-minded individuals in the community. Walking into this role as bakery owner has put me in a unique position to have access to and connect with a wide variety of unique and talented local professionals. I also have a space to offer, albeit small and with interesting freezer background noise. I’ve completed hundreds of hours of research in health and nutrition in search of my own health answers. I don’t have any letters after my name, but I do understand the lingo. AND I understand the importance. My hope with the special events at the bakery is to create a community, or tribe if you will, to share our experiences and learn from each other. Speaking of community…
    Does community and social support play a role in survival? Research suggests it does and in a very positive way!
    When we change our diet and experience a plateau in our healing, what comes next? Lifestyle factors? Stress relief and relaxation, more sleep, play, exercise, all of the above? Then what? Research shows social support plays a major role in our health and longevity. 
    In 2010, a study with over 300,000 participants found “social support was a stronger predictor of survival than physical activity, body mass index, hypertension, air pollution, alcohol consumption and even smoking fifteen cigarettes a day”.1 This research study showed people with strong social relationships and connection had up to a 50% increase in likelihood of survival than those with little social connection. This study did not take into account the quality of relationships so the percentage may be higher as poor or abusive relationships increase stress and do not promote longevity. Using a questionnaire and dialing in on participants social connections determined survival rates increased by up to 90%!
    This is not the only study showing social support is key to achieving physical and psychological health. Studies have shown social support helpful in survival rates in women after a breast cancer diagnosis. Social support has been linked to lower blood pressure, a more functional immune system, faster wound healing and reduced inflammation. A few studies and literature reviews are provided in the references if you would like to read more.
    To sum it up, we need to get out, get connected and interact with those around us!
    1Chris Kresser, The Paleo Cure (New York: Little Brown, 2013), 262.
    Kroenke, CH et al. “Social Networks, Social Support, and Survival After Breast Cancer Diagnosis.” Journal of Clinical Oncology (March 2006): 1105 - 11011.
    Harmon, Katherine. “Social Ties Boost Survival by 50 Percent.” Scientific American (July 28, 2010).
    Ozbay, Fatih et al. “Social Support and Resilience to Stress: From Neurobiology to Clinical Practice.” Psychiatry (Edgmont) 4.5 (2007): 35–40. Print.
    Feature Story

    This section of the newsletter is used to share our favorite gluten free recipes we have tested and approved in our own kitchens. Have a favorite gluten free recipe to share? Contact us to have your recipe featured in our newsletter.
    Watch for our recipe series coming soon for some unbelievably delicious meals you can make with frozen BYL biscuits.

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